Terrible With Raisins In It

“This wasn’t just apparent terrible. This was adorned terrible. This was abhorrent with raisins in it.”

Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

I was a adolescent during the Vietnam War, and I bethink accepting abashed by the blameworthy way abounding Americans greeted their abiding veterans.

I knew the war had not been popular. That was the acumen why one admiral chose not to seek addition appellation and his almsman fabricated so abounding poor choices to abstain his predecessor’s fate that it amount him the job, anyway. They were the policymakers. Their behavior failed, and they were captivated accountable.

But, even as a boy, I knew it wasn’t fair to accusation the soldiers for the war. They weren’t amenable for the policy, alone for accustomed it out.

Nevertheless, they were advised clumsily if they came home. It was an awkward afterimage to attestant on TV, the affectionate of affair that fabricated one adhere one’s arch in shame. I cannot brainstorm what it accept to accept been like to be there.

It was added acceptable to see the way America’s veterans were greeted afterwards the Gulf War. It is how the veterans should accept been advised afterwards Vietnam. It is how they consistently should be advised because they risked aggregate to bottle this country. Some came aback broken. Some did not appear aback at all.

Whether they came aback torn in places you can see or places you can’t see, they deserve the best we can accord them, not the affliction – which is what they accept been accepting in agreement of their bloom care.

It is ironic, really, that an administering that has fabricated bloom affliction its signature could cause should be faced with the arising aspersion apropos the analysis – or, should I say, the abridgement thereof? – of veterans at V.A. hospitals, decidedly the one in Phoenix although the botheration appears to be systemic.

I don’t apperceive all the details. I want to apperceive them, even if they accomplish me wish to adhere my arch in abashment because this absolutely does blow anybody somehow. We all apperceive humans who accept served this country. Some of us are accompanying to veterans. Some of us are veterans.

One of the a lot of alarming moments I’ve apparent in a cine was if Spencer Tracy, as one of the three board in “Judgment at Nuremberg,” batten about survival.

“A accommodation accept to be fabricated in the activity of every nation at the actual moment if the butt of the adversary is at its throat,” Tracy said. “Then, it seems that the alone way to survive is to use the agency of the enemy, to blow adaptation aloft what is expedient, to attending the added way. Well, the acknowledgment to that is ‘survival as what’? A country isn’t a rock. It’s not an addendum of one’s self. It’s what it stands for. It’s what it stands for if continuing for something is the a lot of difficult. Afore the humans of the world, let it now be acclaimed that here, in our decision, this is what we angle for: Justice, accuracy and the amount of a individual animal being.”

That takes my animation abroad every time I see it, and I accept been cerebration about it a lot afresh because it sums up – for me, anyhow – what our veterans fought for and sacrificed for. They stood for us. This is what we accept to angle for: Justice, accuracy and the amount of a individual animal being.

Without truth, there can be no justice, and those animal beings accept been attenuated by a cold, anesthetized and careless system. It has annihilation to do with political ideology. The abuses accept occurred beneath presidents from both parties.

With this administration, the ceaseless drip-drip-drip of aspersion is exhausting. Some of it has merit, some does not, but the V.A. aspersion is nonpartisan.

I adore what Brent Budowsky has accounting for TheHill.com.

“[T]he admiral owes veterans added than addition White House staff, circuit and arrest operation, which he offered on Wednesday with the aforementioned casting of characters cat-and-mouse for yet addition report,” Budowsky wrote. “Congressional Republicans, who allotment albatross for the VA scandal, owe vets added than addition attack, banter and accomplishment operation that plays backroom with the bloom of those who serve.”

Barack Obama knew about the abuses if he ran for admiral the aboriginal time and promised to do something about them. In 2007, he spoke – about a year to the day afore he accustomed his party’s choice – at the National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Kansas City and pledged, “We access into a angelic assurance with our veterans from the moment they put on that uniform. That assurance is simple – America will be there for them just as they accept been there for America.”

We accept to accost this problem. We accept to be affectionate to our promise. We cannot avoid it.

I fear, though, that is what will happen. Obama will allege the words humans wish to apprehend on Memorial Day, and they will feel better. He will say he is on top of the job – and, to use an announcement of which he has been fond, he will bang the can further down the road. Then, whenever he is asked about the matter, he will say the analysis is proceeding – and the affair will be squelched until afterwards the election.

And annihilation will be done.

I don’t like to put things in political contexts, but the sad accuracy is that aggregate is beheld in a political ambience these canicule – by both the appropriate and the left.

That, as Dorothy Parker ability say, isn’t alone terrible, it is fancy terrible, abhorrent with raisins in it – and maybe a atom of aerated cream.

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